F101 Architekten is an international team of architects and designers based in Berlin. We provide start-to-finish architectural services for a variety of project types, including residential, commercial and performing arts. Our passion is designing innovative performance spaces with complex technical requirements and extreme adaptability. We have broad experience with the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings and landmark buildings, where structural interventions and thermal, acoustic and security concerns require tailored mediation.

Ir. Frans Dikmans
Principal Architect

Benjamin Busch
M.A. Architecture, M.A. Spatial Strategies

Leonidas Jakoby
B.A. Architektur (Kandidat)

Dominik Pankow
Dipl. Ing. Architekt

Francisco Javier Ruiz de Martín
Master of Architecture

Susi Vasvari
Office Management

Maëlle Vaurs
M.Sc. Architektur

Alysha Beumer
Student Architektur

Karla Citlialli Contreras Marin
M.Sc. Architektur

Past Team
Philipp Kleihues, Mimu Sakuma, Jonas Fischer, Christian Gauß, Johanna Schneider, Maria Florencia Cabrera, Marta Szpunar, Dan Dorocic, Afraa Aldaryousi, Martin Ku, Nikola Rosic, Uwe P. Voigt, Frank de Kok, Tristan Lannuzel, Vissia Portioli, Andrea Berndt-Wagener, Mégane Rabu, Jonas Wenzke, Aline Calmet, Daniel Jo Krüger, Anna Kostreva, Juan Alvarez, Rivka Merson, Naomi Maki

Photos by Moritz Michael